Supporting psychological assessment and recovery nationwide

Mind-Link provides psychological assessment and treatment services utilising evidence-based interventions. We work within the personal injury sector, life insurance and employee assistance market. Mind-Link’s number one priority is to support clients with their mental health difficulties, enable them to challenge their situation and help them to change their outlook.

Our Therapists

Mind-Link operates within a stepped care model to ensure that clients are provided the right level of support.

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Why Choose Mind-Link?

  • Qualified and experienced BPS, BABCP and BACP accredited therapists
  • Flexible modes of delivery
  • Quick treatment times
  • High-quality reporting
  • Person-centered approach to treatment
  • Mind-Link guides
  • Monitoring and analysis of recovery rates
  • As part of Kuro Health, twenty-five years of experience in clinical assessment and rehabilitation.
  • Click here to read The Efficacy of Remote Treatment
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Our Services

Mind-Link provides psychological assessment and treatment for various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress management and LTC/pain management.

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Mind-Link was founded in 2020, as mental health support became more important, both within the personal injury and employer sectors. Mind-Link’s vision is to support, challenge and change. Providing evidence-based, person-centered care in an accessible and easy to use format.

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