Mind-Link was founded in 2020, as mental health support became more important, both within the personal injury and employer sectors.

Mind-Link’s vision is to support, challenge and change. Providing evidence-based, person-centered care in an accessible and easy to use format.

Mind-Link was created by Kuro Health. The Kuro Health portfolio provides market-leading, medical opinion and services nationwide and Mind-Link is proud to be part of the Group.

With a reputation acquired over a period of twenty-five years, a commitment to people, a focus on clients and understanding the importance of technology, Kuro Health believes Mind-Link provides considerable opportunity across the breadth and width of the healthcare sector.


People are the core of our business. Mind-Link’s aim is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of clients and employees, by providing equal, unrivalled, integral psychological rehabilitation.


Making a positive difference to wellbeing by offering support to challenge and change.


Collaboration, equality, diversity and transparency which in turn creates an environment that supports psychological recovery.


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